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All my life I have been psychic, a visionary and an empath. A year ago I discovered a modality of experiential healing that has allowed me to open up and heal my traumas and that has led me to be more open to help, guide and understand my children too.  One of my children has an ADHD diagnosis and my youngest has ASD.  Through my journey I have learnt how to help guide other parents who feel like they are struggling and don't understand what is happening or why it is happening.  Through a series of blogs, I am walking you through my journey, and sharing what I have found works for me now after trying other methods that didn't work for my children and that by stepping into unconditional love we are able to help our children become the best versions of themselves.

Tasha xx

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Every month on the the New Moon I hold a circle and work with the energies of the constellation to help guide you through the upcoming month.

There are blogs on the beautiful doTerra Oils, and the healing powers of these wonderful oils and the perfectly and intuitively chosen  crystals to use them with, in our Essential Oils & Crystal Collection

I am excited to say that I have just launched my own group on Facebook - Archie's Gifts  - Understanding your Autistic Child, click on the link to join the group, which is full of fantastic people who have a wealth of information, understanding, guidance and support!  




Every single session with Natasha has changed my consciousness in a powerful way. 


My life has completely shifted and miraculous things are happening everyday.


Have healing sessions with Natasha lately, definitely recommend this to anyone! Excited!


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